Living By Faith


Whosoever shall say…believe those things which he saith…he shall have whatsoever he saith. (Mark 11:23)

“Words are the building blocks of faith.” –Mark Hankins

In Mark 11:23, Jesus said “believe” once. He said “say” or “saith” three times. The speaking part is vital to faith. Faith is released or put to work by speaking.

Jesus used three different Greek words for the speaking part of faith in Mark11:23. The first “say” is the Greek word epo, which means command. It shows the authority of the believer. The second reference to speaking that Jesus used was the word “saith.”  This word in the Greek is laleo, which means to speak out; use your own voice; be bold!  The third reference to speaking is also the word saith.  However, this Greek word is lego; it means systematic discourse.

Jesus was giving us a lego set of building blocks to teach us how to frame our world according to the picture or diagram He has given us in the Word of God. The Bible gives us a lego set of building blocks for salvation, healing, blessing, prosperity, and victory in life. Take the Word of God and build.

Confession: I have victory in Jesus. My life is blessed! My future is built on the Word of God!


  1. Eugene says:

    Thank you for these teachings

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