Living By Faith


Therefore with joy shall ye draw water out of the wells of salvation. (Isaiah 12:3)

“There is no penalty for excessive celebration in the kingdom of God!” -Mark Hankins

You can make a withdrawal from your salvation account with joy. The wells of salvation are reservoirs of healing and blessing. Joy is your bucket to draw out your blessing. If you have great joy, you have a great bucket with which to draw much salvation.

James 1:2 says, “My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations.”   He did not say that it was a joyto have multiple troubles.  He said to countit joy. Look at your problems and count. One joy…two joy…three joy…then laugh at the devil!  What Satan meant for evil, God is turning around for your good.  God paid too high a price for your victory for you to be defeated. Ha! Ha! Ha!

One translation of James 1:2 says to count it “Maximum Joy.” I like that! Smile, laugh, jump, shout, then dance — turn it up and things will turn around!

Confession: God brought me here to have a good time–now I am going to have a good time! Hallelujah!

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Yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. (1 Peter 1:8)

“Joy is the bridge between believing and receiving.” -Mark Hankins

Rejoicing activates faith; joy accompanies believing. In 1Peter1:8, the Apostle Peter speaks of some wild, ecstatic, triumphant, heavenly joy, not someday when we get to heaven, but right now! The Amplified Bible says, “You believe in Him and exult and thrill with inexpressible and glorious (triumphant, heavenly) joy.”

Unspeakable joy is a container of the glory of God. The glory and the abundance of God are manifested in an atmosphere of rejoicing. We are commanded to rejoice; it is not an option! God brought us here to have fun — now we are going to have fun! God brought us here to have victory — now we are going to have victory!

Confession:  I rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. I have victory! The glory and the abundance of God are manifesting in my life today!

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…so that I might finish my course with joy. (Acts 20:24)

“Faith cranks God’s tractor” – Mark Hankins

When you look at the life of the Apostle Paul, you will see a man that God had perfectly “putt” to a divine calling and destiny. You can see the genius of God as you observe the many turning points in the trajectory of Paul’s life. You will also notice the spirit of faith working to overcome adversity. Paul had been stoned, shipwrecked, snake-bit, beat in the head, and left for dead. He could have said he was a tired, mistreated, lonely, disappointed, and hurting man, but that’s not how Paul didn’t described himself.  Instead, Paul said he was a happy man.

Towards the end of his life, Paul stood before the leaders of the Roman Empire and said, “I think myself happy” (Acts 26:2). Another translation says, “I have been congratulating myself, King Agrippa.”

Paul’s spirit of faith carried him to his divine destination. He finished his course with joy and completed the assignment given to him by Jesus Christ. He enjoyed the journey in spite of all the adversity he faced. Faith gets happy now!

Confession: I will finish my course with joy. In spite of adversity, the joy of the Lord is my strength! (Nehemiah 8:10)

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By faith Abraham, when he was called to go out into a place which he should after receive for an inheritance, obeyed; and he went out, not knowing whither he went. (Hebrews 11:8)


“The spirit of faith is a pioneer spirit.” – Mark Hankins


The Apostle Paul had a spirit of faith. He was a happy man, even in the worst circumstances.  He thanked the believers in Philippi for their partnership with him in the Gospel, and he blessed them with a Word from God. The Word He spoke guaranteed that every need of theirs would be met as a result of their giving. (Philippians 4:19)

Paul wrote in Philippians 1:25, And having this confidence, I know that I shall abide and continue with you all for your furtherance and joy of faith.  The word furtherance could be translated the pioneer advance of the Gospel and of joy and faith.

God want us to make progress in the Gospel and go where we have never gone before in expectation, joy, and faith. Now is the time for ever-increasing faith!


Confession: I have a pioneer spirit! The joy of the Lord is my strength! I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus. (Nehemiah 8:10; Philippians 3:14)

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And at midnight Paul and Silas prayed, and sang praises unto God…every one’s bands (chains) were loosed. (Acts 16:25-26)


“When the glory of God manifests, it brings the supernatural power of God!” – Mark Hankins


The spirit of faith will cause you to shout while the walls are still standing, like God’s people did at Jericho before the walls came down (Joshua 6:20). The spirit of faith will cause you to dance like David did when the Ark of the Covenant was returned to Jerusalem and the glory returned (II Samuel 6:14-15). The spirit of faith may cause you to run like Elijah did when the hand of the Lord came upon him (I Kings 18:46). The rain he had prayed and contended for was coming, and he outran the king’s chariot. The spirit of faith will cause you to sing and praise God loudly, as Paul and Silas did at midnight when they were imprisoned in chains! (Acts 16:25).

All of these demonstrations of the power of God were connected to the expressions of faith made by God’s people! God watches as we demonstrate faith and act on the Word!


Confession: I lift my voice with a shout of victory! My faith acts on the Word of God! I will rejoice in the Lord always! (Philippians 4:4)

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