Living By Faith


And they said, Is not this Josephs son? (Luke 4:22)

“You can never fulfill the destiny that God has for you if you stay in the natural, in your reasoning, and in your sense knowledge.” – Mark Hankins

When Jesus stood and read Isaiah 61 in the temple, the people did not exactly have a great revival day in Nazareth.  The people responded in the natural, and said, “This is Joseph’s son. He lives right down the street from us. He is saying that the Spirit of God is on Him and He is anointed.”  Then they tried to throw Him off a nearby cliff!

Do you think everyone is going to be happy when you say, “I am a new creation in Christ; I am redeemed, blessed, and prosperous”? No, someone is going to say, “You think you are what? You live right down the street from me. You are not any different from anyone else.”

This world, the devil, your kinfolks, and your past will try to hold you in the natural. The anointing is in you, but the key is in your declaration, “That is who I am. I found it right there in the Word!” If somebody asks, “Who do you think you are?” you can say, “How much time do you have to listen?”

Confession: I am in the Anointed One. Jesus paid too high a price for me to stay bound. In Him I am redeemed!

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