Living By Faith


…the acknowledging of every good thing… (Philemon 6)

God likes people to brag about who they are in Him.

Mark Hankins

There are good things in you in Christ.  The apostle Paul said to “acknowledge every good thing” For your faith to become effective, you need to continually acknowledge who you are in Christ. This is not something you have acknowledged; it is something you are acknowledging. It is a continual process. Acknowledging is essential if you want your faith to work properly.

To acknowledge means to recognize, to think about, and to be conscious of.   Acknowledging means to daily declare who you are in Christ and what you have in Christ. It also means to walk and live in the light of who you are in Christ.

God likes people to brag about who they are in Him. Paul boasted in the cross because of what God had done for him in Christ. This is not boasting in yourself, but in what God has done for you and can do through you because of your union with Christ!

Confession:  I was crucified with Christ. I died with Him. I was buried with Him.  But on the third day, I was made righteous, made alive with him, raised with Him, seated with Him, and made triumphant with Him!


  1. Adam Moktan says:

    Praise God and thank you so much Rev. Mark. I am so blessed by your message everyday.

  2. Thank you sir. I’m so blessed and inspired. Glory to God!

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