Living By Faith


And I pray that as you share your faith with others it will grip their lives too, as they see the wealth of good things in you that come from Christ Jesus. (Philemon 6  TLB)

You are absolutely wealthy in Christ!

Mark Hankins

There is a wealth of good things that are yours because you are in Christ. Would you like to understand the abundance of your blessings in Christ? You must learn to recognize, appreciate, and understand your identification in Christ.

The Laubach translation of Philemon six says, “I pray that everyone who meets you may catch your faith and learn from you how wonderful it is to live in Christ. In other words, your faith becomes contagious as you walk in the light of your redemption in Christ. It is wonderful to live in Christ! It is miserable to try to live any other way but in Him. Your life becomes a great testimony to others as they see the wonderful benefits that belong to the believer. In Him victory is yours, blessing is yours, peace is yours, joy is yours, prosperity is yours, healing is yours, wisdom is yours, and the list goes on and on. You will never really get to the end of what God has done for you in Christ Jesus.

Confession: In Him victory is mine, blessing is mine, peace is mine, joy is mine, prosperity is mine, healing is mine, and wisdom is mine!


  1. Travis and Sherry Beach says:

    Thank you for such kind words. I missed the Hagen days. My spiritual walk started with Robertson and Copeland. I got saved “again” at 28 after getting out of the Marines. We follow Mark daily. As “Dad”Hagen was to Mark, Mark and Trina are to us in a virtual capacity.

    We are surrendering to fall into full time ministry and preach when called. We are becoming the divine appointments instead of waiting for them to appear.

    My wife and I are believing for a class C motor home we jokingingly call the Joshua 1:9 mobile. It will allow us to take the word God has given us about overcoming fear and bringing in the Acts church back into being to the churched and unchurched. Sherry has a calling to teach women about the fear that grips them and how to rid it from their lives.

    Mark and Trina are an inspiration to us. We follow them, pray for them everyday. We have 4 grandsons and pray for them as well as our children like the Hankins do. We stand in faith that Dylan was completely healed in September when the bone marrow that had been placed into him days earlier was “quickened” we saw Mark in Douglas Ga that weekend when Trina stayed to minister to Dylan and her family.

    We pray Mark, Trina, MHM and the entire Hankins family Psalms 91 protection and that the Blessings and Favor of God continue to pour down upon them. Let Grace fall like rain…

    In him,

    Travis and Sherry Beach
    Valdosta Ga

  2. Ednah n mauti says:

    God bless as you continue to bless many

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