Living By Faith


They [the former tyrant masters] are dead, they shall not live and reappear; they are powerless ghosts, they shall not rise and come back. (Isaiah 26:14 | AMP)

“Wherever sin and Satan dominated your life, every trace of its supremacy has perished or come to an end.” – Mark Hankins

Have you ever had your past come back like a ghost? The devil is the master of deception. He will tell you that fear, confusion, and sickness are still there.

Isaiah said the tyrants that ruled your past are powerless ghosts. They shall not rise and come back. God has visited you, made an end to them. He has caused every memory and trace of their supremacy to perish. Old habits, old attitudes, the devil, shame, and the past shall not control you.

God says that old things are passed away. You might think, “It sure doesn’t feel like old things have passed away.”  It has nothing to do with the way you feel. You have to challenge every attitude and thought that comes against your mind with the Word of God. It doesn’t matter what the devil did to you; God said, “I swallowed that thing up, so there is no trace that it was ever there.”

Confession: I am God’s property. Old things have passed away. I have a new life in Christ!

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