Living By Faith


I will utterly put out there membrance of Amalek from under heaven.(Exodus 17:14)

You can live and pray from your new place of identification with Christ.  Mark Hankins

God is going to take care of you so well that you will not even remember your past.  The old person you used to be is dead and gone. You are seated with Him right now in heavenly places. That is a place of authority. You cannot get any higher than that! You can live and pray from your new place of identification with Christ.

God will give you answers in every area of your life. Anything you need help for–your marriage, prosperity, or healing–is in your identification with Christ.

It is like the Arc of Triumph in Paris, France. The streets of Paris go out like spokes on a wheel from the Arc of Triumph, which is the center of the city. You can get anywhere downtown Paris from the Arc of Triumph.

The same is true about Christianity. The center of the Gospel is the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. You can get anywhere you need to go from there when you see your identification with Christ!

Confession: I am seated with Christ in heavenly places. I can live and pray from my new place of identification with Christ!

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