Living By Faith


But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you. (Acts1:8)

“The Holy Spirit is a genius. If you will listen to Him, He will make you look smart!” -B.B. Hankins

There is a funny story about a country boy who cut trees for a living. He heard of a new piece of equipment that was supposed to make work a lot easier and faster called a chainsaw. He bought one from the store because the man said he could cut up to 30 trees a day with this new chainsaw. After using it for a few days, he took it back to the store and complained that he was only able to cut 2 or 3 trees a day.  The store manager took the chainsaw from him and pulled the starter rope. With a loud noise, the chainsaw started. That country boy jumped back, startled by the noise, and said, “What’s that?” Being as ignorant as he was, he had never cranked the engine!

Many people struggle in the work of the Lord because they have never been filled with the Holy Spirit. He is the power that enables us in every area of life. We must give the Holy Spirit His proper place everyday.

Confession: Greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world.(1John4:4) I choose to give the Holy Spirit His proper place everyday. Thank God for the Holy Spirit!

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