Living By Faith


My prayer is that your fellowship with us in our common faith may deepen the understanding of all the blessings that our union with Christ brings us.

(Philemon 6  New English Bible)

We cannot do anything without Him, but in Him, we can do anything!

Mark Hankins

What you are acknowledging must center around four main areas:

1.  What God has done for you in Christ Jesus in the plan of


              2. Who you are now and what you have now in Christ.

 3.  What God can do through you by the Word and the Holy


4.  What Jesus is doing for you now at the right hand of God.

Confession: I am putting off the old man, and I am putting on the new man with new clothes and new righteousness. In Him, I am redeemed. In Him, I am holy. In Him, I am strong. In Him, I am righteous now. The anointing is in me. I am putting on the new man with new behavior. I am walking in Christ. I live in Christ. I make no provision for the flesh to fulfill its lusts. I put on the Lord Jesus Christ!

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