Living By Faith


But he who is in union with the Master is one with Him in spirit.  (1 Corinthians 6:17  Weymouth)

A fly will not land on a hot stove! Mark Hankins

When you get born again, you get “in Christ-ed.” Your spirit joined to Christ.  However, your faith will not be effectual until you start to acknowledge, confess, and declare your identity in Christ. You have to acknowledge it.

I encourage you to make a daily confession and acknowledge who you are in Christ. To “acknowledge” means more than just talking about it — to acknowledge means to go ahead and act like it. This is why people need to run, laugh, dance, shout, and daily rejoice by faith. This demonstrates our victory in Christ.

The moment you step out of the natural and out of circumstances, you step right over into who you are in Christ. Your spirit man begins to respond by taking ascendancy over your flesh, your mind, and the circumstances of your faith. The devil will mess with you all day long until you rise up in the Spirit.

Confession: I am in union with the Master and one with Him in spirit. I confess, acknowledge, and declare who I am in Christ!

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