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But ye are a chosen generation…(1 Peter 2:9)

Your genetic makeup no longer comes from Adam or your past; it comes from Almighty God.

Mark Hankins

When you get born again, you get regenerated, and there is a champion in your genetic line. His name is Jesus. He passed on that champion, thoroughbred blood- line. If you have mule in your bloodline, you will never be a racehorse, but if you can trace your lineage back to the champion, you can say, “I am not a mule. I am a race horse. I am a thorough bred. I have been re-bred by God.”

Even though you are born again, the devil will do everything he can to keep you from walking in the light of who you are in Christ. The key is to declare continually who you are in Christ.

Do you have any natural influences? Your emotions, your soul, your past, your anger, your temper, your poverty, and your habits say, “Oh ,that is just the way I am.” But when you know who you are in Christ, your spirit man rises up and says, “I have some new genes and I am going to wear my new genes!”

Confession: I am in Christ. I am redeemed. I am righteous. I am saved. I am triumphant .I am blessed. I am healed. I have a new champion bloodline! I have been born of God!

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  1. I am because I belong to the I AM!

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