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Through faith and patience inherit the promises. (Hebrews 6:12)

You can outlast the devil! Mark Hankins

God is patient — He has the time and space for things to happen. The devil is not only stupid but also impatient. The devil will hang around and try to whip you. Eventually, he will get impatient and say, “I guess this is not going to work,” and take off! You can outlast the devil!

Some time ago when I visited someone in the hospital, I needed to ride the elevator. I pushed the button and the light came on, but nothing seemed to happen. I waited and waited for the doors to open. Finally, I punched the button again even though the light was still on. I thought, “I guess I don’t need to punch it again. The light is on. It is on the way.” I could have been impatient and taken the stairs if I wanted, but I held steady.

When you exercise your faith, you have punched the button and the light is on. The devil will say, “It’s not going to come. It will never happen.” Keep the switch of faith turned on. Keep that light on! The elevator is on the way!

Confession: Through faith and patience I am inheriting the promises. My faith is working. Miracles are coming to me. The light is on. The elevator is on the way!

One thought on “PATIENCE IN CHRIST”

  1. Charyl Stevenson says:

    Thank you Mark & Trina for all your very fun loving Bible study’s! I love the way y’all interact… always smiling/laughing in your scripture descriptions/commentary/delivery /jokes..which makes for a pleasant/fun experience & makes easier to remember scripture! I always look forward to the nxt! I live in Thousand Oaks Calif so I always have to catch you online! Praise God for the Internet!🙌👏👏😊❤️🙏❤️
    Ps I was diagnosed with Breast cancer in April so Pls keep me in your prayers‼️I always call those things that be not as tho they are so I say I received my healing in the name of Jesus‼️‼️‼️

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