Living By Faith


And I will pray the Father, and He shall give you another Comforter, that He may abide with you forever. (John 14:16)

The Holy Spirit is a genius. If we listen to Him, He will make us look smart! Mark Hankins

The Holy Spirit knows everything! If we would listen and respond to the Holy Spirit, we could avoid trouble in every area of our lives. We must learn to yield to and not resist the Holy Spirit.

In Greek, the word yield means “when a soldier presents himself to his commanding officer for orders.” This word yieldshows us how important it is for each of us to daily acknowledge, recognize, and respond to the Holy Spirit.

Jesus emphasized a relationship with the Holy Spirit–our Helper and Strengthener. If we did not need a vital relationship with the Holy Spirit, Jesus would not have sent Him to live in us. Holy Spirit is the One who puts us over in life. The Spirit of God lives in us, and He is there to help us in every area of our lives. In this relationship, the Holy Spirit will show us truth, teach us truth, and guide us into all truth.

Confession: The Holy Spirit, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, dwell sin me. He is a genius. I will listen and respond to Him, and He will guide me into all truth.


  1. Jamie Marks says:

    I loved this devotion, and i printed out for the inmates at work. They loved it! I had only handed out this devotion to a few of them and after about 10 minutes many more wanted the devotional for this morning. The men and women here in the jail was appreciative of me sharing what I was reading this morning and asked if I could bring more for them to read. I try to bring what I learn and what God gives me to them each day I come to work. So I will do what I can to get the word to the men and women in the jail. It has been rewarding to see many of them interested and asking questions. One guy has (666) tatooted on his forehead and he has been letting talk to him about Jesus and he even been reading in the Bible when I give him scriptures. But for him to ask for one of the devotions I printed out this morning was even more amazing.

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