Living By Faith


Thy words were found, and I did eat them; and thy word was unto me the joy and rejoicing of mine heart. (Jeremiah 15:16)

Hello, neighbor! Faith ain’t pretty, but everyone needs faith!

Mark Hankins

Alocaltirestoreadvertisesinthenewspaperand ontelevisionwiththisad:  “Hello, neighbor! Tires aint pretty, but everyone needs tires, so you might as well get them from us at the best price.That TV ad caught my attention. Sometime later I was in a radical church service where people were laughing, rejoicing, shouting, and praising God. Some were even leaping for joy, running, and dancing!  During all of this, the Lord spoke to me in this way: “Hello, neighbor! Faith aint pretty, but everyone needs faith! So get your faith from God and learn how to release your faith and respond to the Word and to the power of God.

Sometimesyouhavetoget“ugly”forJesus. You must act like the Bible is true if you want the anointing and the power of God! Rejoiceinthefaceofadversity! The spiritoffaithwillcauseyoutoseethevictoriousendof thechallengeyouarefacing!

Confession:  I rejoice in the face of adversity! I am not ashamed to get “ugly” for Jesus! I rejoice at thy word as one that findeth great spoil! (Psalm 119:162)

One thought on “FAITH AIN’T PRETTY”

  1. mae says:

    hi – the past few emails the majority of words have had spaces between them and it makes it hard to read almost to the point of not reading them at all 🙁

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