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My soul shall make her boast in the Lord: the humble shall hear thereof, and be glad. (Psalm 34:2)


“A servant has access to every place the master does because he is serving the master.” – Mark Hankins


When you are serving the Master, He gives you the keys to everything because He trusts your heart. That is how you got that close to Him to start with. He has watched you time and time again as you humbled yourself and said, “I am just here to serve. I am not here to promote myself.”

In 1 Peter 5:5-6, Peter said to put on the clothes of a servant. When you dress like a servant, you know you are a child of God. The more you wear the clothes of humility, the more Jesus says to you, “Let Me give you more keys for other rooms. I want to show you some other things that are in My house.” As a servant, you enter the Master’s room. He grants you access.

True humility boasts in the Lord and not in anything I have done or can do. I like to boast about who Jesus is and who I am in Him!


Confession: I make my boast in the Lord! It is not anything I have done or can do. It is who Jesus is and who I am in Him! I am dressing as a servant and humbling myself to be a blessing by serving!

One thought on “BLESSED TO SERVE”

  1. Linda Brockman says:

    I want to tell you what a rich blessing these living by faith messages are! My husband is is in the hospital recovering from quadruple bypass open-heart surgery. One night his mind was extremely confused, I would read these living by faith messages on the category of joy a good part of the night! The Word and the Spirit in these messages helped get me through this night, I am very grateful for the ministries of Mark Hankins, all glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ, thanking him for the gift of your servant heart hallelujah ❤️.

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